Avan Judd Stallard is a country-born Australian who lives in northern Spain with his wife. In their small beachside town he is easy to spot, as he is the only one with blonde hair, freckles and a flanelette shirt. As for his Spanish: it is so-so. But his English is really coming along.

Avan has dabbled in many professions and jobs over the years. From Christmas tree delivery driver to history lecturer to furniture removalist to teacher. However, he is most at home with words. When he is not writing the next story, he works as a technical writer and as an editor of academic and business documents.

His first book was published in 2016 with the history, Antipodes: In Search of the Southern Continent. It is full of handsome maps, and tells a remarkable story across many centuries of Europeans imagining and exploring the southern hemisphere.

His novel Spinifex & Sunflowers was published in 2018. It is the searing story of Nick Harris’s difficult upbringing in a broken family, and his search for something more meaningful in his own life. When Nick takes a job at an Australian refugee detention centre, he manages to break just about every rule, written and unwritten. In the process, Nick discovers a great deal about the detainees who become his friends, while beginning to better understand himself, his family and  Australia.

Avan is also the author of three novels in the action-adventure series, The French Bastard, independently published on Amazon.

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