Editing & Technical Writing

I am an editor with Elite Editing and I cannot more highly recommend their service for the unrivalled standard of editing, excellent customer service and speed of turnaround. However, if you are looking for the personal touch, I also take on select jobs as both an editor and technical writer. If you choose to work with me, you will be working with someone who is not only an experienced editor and technical writer, but who:

  • is an author in his own right (Spinifex & Sunflowers is a novel of literary fiction; Antipodes: In Search of the southern Continent is a work of history)
  • has extensive experience from your perspective (I have had many of my own documents edited, sometimes poorly, and so I understand your concerns and frustrations)
  • holds a PhD from the University of Queensland, a law degree from the University of Western Australia and is a former university lecturer.


As an editor, I perform two services that go hand in hand:

  • copyediting: this is where I make sure your writing is a pleasure to read, is written to be powerful and convincing, contains no gaps or lapses in logic or argument, and generally makes you sound like you know what you are talking about (which you do, hence the need to make sure the writing reflects this)
  • proofreading: this is where I eliminate all grammar and spelling issues and ensure any relevant style guide has been followed.

How do I do this? It begins with my highly refined knowledge of writing and editing, the application of a toolkit of techniques that allow me to locate the most minuscule of errors, and a great deal of time scouring every word, comma and full stop you have written. It finishes with a suite of additional checks made with bespoke progams and advanced software tailored to editors (yes, editors do miss things, which is why I use all the tools at my disposal and still provide a satisfaction guarantee in case anything gets past me).

If you choose, I will also format your document so that it is a delight to navigate through and looks fantastic on the page, which comes at no extra cost. If your document contains references, I will ensure these are in the required format. And for anyone who has left their edit to the last minute, I may be the perfect person for you: I specialise in tight turnaround times.

Technical writing

As a technical writer, I:

  • take complicated or technical documents, procedures or knowledge and make them understandable to a person with no expert knowledge
  • find ways to ensure you are communicating your messages and spreading important information in the clearest and most effective way.

For both editing and technical writing, my work comes with a satisfaction guarantee: if anything is not how you want, we will keep collaborating until it is.

Query me at info@avanstallard.com for rates, availability and any questions.

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