Michel and Henry Go to War


an action adventure novelcoming soon in 2017

Michel and Henry Go to War follows the adventures of Michel Poincaré—illegitimate son of a powerful French politician—who enlists with the British army to fight in the Great War, and his hapless companion, Henry Biggs.

When valour in the field earns Michel and Henry a week’s leave from the Western Front, the last thing they expect is for the war to follow them into the countryside. But after a breakout at a civilian prisoner of war camp, they find themselves caught in the middle of a German plot.

If the Germans aren’t stopped, France’s engine room of munitions production will be obliterated. Millions of armaments destroyed. A town wiped from the earth. Thousands of civilian lives blotted out like so much more cannon fodder.

Michel and Henry have a decision to make. Do they take their leave of this god-forsaken war, or do they join an angry old vintner and a women’s auxiliary in the last line of defence—a line of defence almost certain to fail?

Michel and Henry Go to War is coming soon in 2017!