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Men Who Read Romance

“It’s a good book. Have a go at it. Try it,” says Len Klumpp, his northern New South Welsh accent so broad I could be talking to Jeff Jarrett in Wolf Creek. Len is a former jackaroo who lives in Tamworth with his wife and kids—and he happens to read romance novels....

Being Mocked for Mispronunciation

You can quietly and humbly correct someone’s pronunciation, and that is a kindness. But if you mock them to make them feel small and yourself big—then you are a coward and a tyrant.

The Great Spanish Coffee Swindle

Coffee in Spain, Italy and Portugal is bitter, acrid and like something out of the Hobbesian state of nature. The reason why is suprising and a little shocking: burnt sugar.

The Professional Sceptic

*A version of this article first appeared on Stumbling Through the Past. The historian is two things above all else: a sceptic and an explainer. Whatever the subject, the ultimate goal is explaining what happened, how it happened and why it happened. But reaching...

F**k the Oxford Comma

Well-meaning but ignorant grammar crusaders need to leave that poor little Oxford comma alone. It is scared, confused and much abused.

Hitchhiking Died With The Hitchhiker

On the articles page of my website I have just put up “Hitchhiking Died With the Hitchhiker”, an essay on hitchhiking I published in The Lifted Brow a few years ago. It recounts some of my personal experiences hitchhiking and tries to make sense of the decline in the...

Trump Supporters and the Modular Mind

Now that it’s done—Trump is President—the question becomes, how did it happen? How did all those people see his misogyny, sexual lechery, crassness, and willingness to lie and still decide he was the one to lead America into the future? The answer is the modular brain.

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