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The outsiders

Published 01 June 2016 by Aeon

Has evolution programmed us to shun and turn our backs on refugees – even when they might die without our help?

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The Hawks’ nest: The science behind home ground advantage

Published 1 Oct 2015 by Roar

As long as sport has been played, fans have known about home ground advantage.
In the AFL, the journey to Subiaco Oval to play Fremantle or West Coast was long considered the most daunting road trip. But, since 2014, another stadium has held the title of most fearsome venue: Adelaide Oval.

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Arizona Fever: Are AFL clubs putting players in danger?

Published 13 Feb 2014 by Roar

To gain the competitive advantage, multiple AFL clubs have turned to altitude training, sending their entire roster to train in the thin air of Flagstaff, Arizona.

It is the latest in the sports science insurgency, earmarked by the pursuit of even one or two percentage points improvement in performance.

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Welcome to Curtin

Published Autumn 2014 by Overland

Over the past fifteen years, immigration detention centre workers have given a mere handful of interviews about their work. Those who have talked about life behind the fences tend to do so with the protection of voice distortion and pixilation.

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Hitchhiking Died With The Hitchhiker

Published 14 October 2012 by The Lifted Brow

One man’s personal odyssey into the death of hitchhiking.

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